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A Warm Welcome: Preparing 4 Key Areas of your Home for Guests

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‘Tis the season for hosting! If you enjoy having company, especially if you have the space to comfortably host them in your home, then you’ll certainly make some weary travelers very happy this holiday season. But even with the space, not every home is necessarily guest friendly. In keeping with our theme of prepping for the holidays – today we are going to share some practical updates and decorative tips to make four areas of home-sweet-home ready for over-night guests.

There is something so comforting about friends and family who take the time to plan for your visit and go out of their way to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. It doesn’t have to be expensive or take much time but it MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!  The goal is to add small touches that let your guests know you care.

**Before we begin let’s get the obvious out of the way – clean your house (bathrooms especially) and provide clean sheets, towels and essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues and hand soap). Duh, right? But you would be shocked at how many overlook this critical first step!

Now let’s get started…

Spruce Up the Front Entrance and Add a Seasonal Touch

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Your guests’ experience begins at the front door and entryway. Greenery and a few simple decorations set the stage. Customize your seasonal decorations with some DIY touches like these fall succulent planters we found here. Declutter the entry area so there’s room for you and your guests to greet each other and bring in suitcases without tripping over shoes, book bags, or awkwardly placed furniture.

Avoid Over Decorating the Guest Bedroom

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You want it to be comfortable and welcoming but not so full of decorative objects and furniture that guests have no room to put their things. If you have only one guest room, choose twin beds over a double or queen-size bed; that way friends, children, or couples can occupy the room comfortably. A shared table can serve both beds as a place for an alarm clock and personal items. Other thoughtful items on the guest checklist include: a luggage rack, reading lights, cozy throw blankets, a basket with bottled water and snacks, an outlet strip for extra cords and a note with the household wifi password. Some fresh flowers are a nice touch too. Oh and every guest room should have a wastebasket to keep trash and tissues off the floor. Also, if the guest bedroom closet normally serves as your out-of-season storage, move the clothes elsewhere for the duration of the visit, or at least push them to one side to make space for your guests’ clothes. Provide plenty of hangers for skirts and pants as well as shirts and blouses.

In the Guest Bathroom

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A well-designed guest bathroom is essential when hosting. Here, a narrow storage niche set into the wall next to the shower keeps bath supplies within easy reach. Toiletries like hand and body lotion, shower gel and disposable toothbrushes are generous gestures in case guests forget to bring their own. Check out these adorable wooden toothbrushes by IZOLA. Set out a tray to hold your guests’ items, and provide a cup or holder for toothbrushes and toothpaste. There should also be a clothes hamper in each bathroom for dirty clothes and linens. This keeps towels off the floor and makes collecting laundry a breeze.

Create a Comfortable, Organized Living Room

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Use baskets in the living room to hold cozy throws, magazines, DVDs, video games and TV/DVD remote controls. You can straighten a room in no time when everything has a place. Type out basic instructions on how to use the TV remote control. This saves you time explaining it to guests, plus it spares you aggravation of getting the TV back to normal after they leave. Try this idea: Drape magazines and newspapers over the rungs of a wooden ladder leaned against a wall. The display echoes those in some coffee shops and invites guests to browse.

We know these simple, thoughtful touches will make your guests feel like Kings and Queens in your home this holiday season. Happy hosting!

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