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Want A Fashionable Fireplace? Paint it!

Painting exterior brick is undoubtedly trending these days as it dramatically transforms and, when done right, is timeless. So, does it translate inside? In general, your fireplace is likely to fall on the spectrum between ugly, style clashing, soul hurting brickwork, and a beautiful, artisanal, masterpiece of masonry. If yours leans toward ugly, then painting it is an appealing, cost-effective route to beautifying your hearth. Fireplaces tend to be a centerpiece of the living room, but it does not have to take center-stage. Depending on your design style and what is already in your living space, painting the fireplace will pull it into alignment for design flexibility and creativity. Especially if the bricks are outdated or not your color choice.

At Urbanology Designs we are fans of painting the fireplace, either all black or all white, per the design goals of the room. As in this case, our client’s fireplace was already white, but we painted it black and it now stands as a stunning statement piece within a gorgeous room.

A few things to consider…

– Whitewashing, lime-washing or veering away from monochromatic is risky for most design styles.

– If you have cool or unique brickwork, you don’t have to paint it. Other options are available such as replacing the mantle or using handsomely crafted wood to highlight the brickwork.


John B. Murray fireplace example

Photo Credit: John B. Murray; Architect

– Want to paint the brick yourself? It can be a lot of fun, but be aware, bricks are porous and as such, will soak up a lot of primer and paint, likely two coats each. Wash any soot off the bricks first before painting to prevent peeling in the future. You’ll need a “high pile” roller with a nap of 1” or more for all those small pits and grooves in the bricks and mortar. Be sure to buy metal, heavy-duty roller frames and poles for maximum strength.

Here are some prime candidates for painting, i.e., some ugly yet quite common fireplaces.

And here are some of my favorite painted fireplace make-overs!

Photo Credit: Donna Moylan via Lonny

Photo Credit: Ron Marvin

As a Dallas interior designer, I get to see the full range of homes across the city, and most homes present great opportunities with their fireplace. Ugly bricks and stones are merely eager canvases to be painted into harmony with your design dreams, and soon to be reality. If painting your fireplace has piqued your interest in painting exterior brick, check out our previous blog detailing the pros and cons here:

Take a look through our portfolio to understand our scope of service. We love to design spaces in their entirety, focusing on every detail, including your fireplace. Give us a call, we would love to dream and create with you.


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