Hello Friends! I’ve been hinting at our utility closet/pantry makeover on Instagram for a few weeks now and I’m excited to announce that TODAY IS THE BIG REVEAL! Trust me when I say…this space needed a major overhaul! The area sits under our stairs and serves as the second pantry and utility closet for our family of seven. Yes, SEVEN! Crazy how much food seven mouths consume. I know Costco like the back of my hand and my Yukon can practically drive there on its own. With no shortage of bulk groceries, cooking and eating going on around here (and the fact that my kitchen pantry is on the very small side) a second pantry area was a non-negotiable. But there was a problem. Every time I went in there I wanted to cry. It made me sad and a little anxious. I’d quickly get what I need and shut the door (kicking a few things out of the way so I could shut said door). It was a stark, dingy white color with very sad and worn out carpet. I’m actually a little embarrassed to show you this before photo. But let’s just rip the Band Aid right off. Here it is.



Oh, you thought I was kidding about how bad it was? Nope. Don’t judge. All the clutter and ugliness finally got the best of me and I couldn’t WAIT to design and tackle this four feet of space. Now for the big reveal. Here is the pretty utility closet in all its amazing, organized glory. Ahh!


So much better, right? We began by clearing out and painting the entire space this amazing moody blue/green called Dark Night by Sherwin-Williams. It added instant drama and calm to the previously stark space. Next we put in maple floors and covered the ceiling in a solid maple sheet. Finally we wired in the beautiful flush mount fixture from CB2.



Once we added a few organizational items like the roller cart, a double shelf with hooks from Lostline and some narrow (canned good) shelves we were ready to put this thing back together and put it to good use. The finishing touch in the small space was the warm Turkish area rug.


Now when I open the door to this space I smile from ear to ear. Beautiful, organized and functional spaces make me so happy! Now after our weekly Costco run we have a place for everything which makes my household run a lot more smoothly. Double bonus!

If you have a quirky little space like this that needs a little help take a weekend to tackle it and exercise your creative muscles. You will be so glad you did!

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