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Top Designing Styles and You

By May 28, 2020 2 Comments

Design styles, where to start and where to end? Journey deep into Instagram, Houzz, or Pinterest and many of us come up for air wondering how to articulate our style. As an experienced Dallas interior designer, I have seen several styles come and go and each one has its qualities, quirks, and irks. In this post, you will see over a dozen clearly identifiable, classic design styles. Most likely you will not fit into simply one category but will favor a combination of two or more. Our current favorites at Urbanology Designs are Relaxed Modern and California Casual. However, we often integrate Scandinavian, Contemporary, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, and Boho elements to create the perfect custom space for our clients. In discovering your personal niche, note the design elements within each style you love and come up with a unique combination; for example, Scandinavian Industrial or Relaxed Minimalist Glam. Don’t worry about how to pull it all together, just give us a call and put our passion to work for your home interiors! Flip through our Portfolio to see some of the ways we have incorporated various design styles over the years. We are fearless in our pursuit to bring you a seamless, unfussy, completely custom-to-you design. So, let us get started by walking through these top design styles and getting your creative mind flowing!

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou


Modern interiors are design-focused, clutter-free, include neutral lines, with minimal frames, and often with no molding.


Hallmarks are neutral colors, the absence of carpet, a lot of wood, usually light tones, clean lines, clutter-free spaces, simple accents, loads of natural light, and cozy blankets and pillows. Huge emphasis on the design functionality to be cozy or “hygge.”

Modern Traditional

An evoking style of calm, order, with no unexpected layouts. Traditional style is also homey and understated. Usually has upholstered furniture, soft edges, with classic textiles, that are not too shiny or textured. It also combines wood furniture with a mix of straight and curved lines, crown molding, and glossy white trim.

Mid-Century Modern

This style became popular after the Second World War, with the rapid expansion of cities and suburbanization, which created a demand for quickly built modern furniture in newly built homes. These popular spaces often have boxy, streamlined furniture, teak, uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms, and minimal ornamentation.


Makes prime use of natural materials including wood, stone, textured fabrics, canvas, burlap, leather, suede, and metals with patina. Outdoor and garden elements brought indoors are also part of this design aesthetic.


Or Bohemian, is a mix of styles; the attitude is free-spirited, anything goes if you love it! Boho rooms can have a simple base or patterned wallpaper, decorated with botanicals, mixed patterns, low lying furniture, distressed finds, bright colors, artistic accessories, and macramé tapestries. Often this style embraces furniture that has been collected over time, second-hand vintage items from around the world, screens, and oversized accent chairs.

Minimalist Glam

Extravagant, luxurious, and polished, glam style incorporates glistening metallics, acrylic, mirrored finishes, and marble, faux fur, velvet, and satin. Bedrooms have romantic bedscapes with tufting, velvet, and jewelry armoires. Oversized mirrors, crystal chandeliers, sequin pillows, or glitzy wall art are also perfect in a glam space.


Typically revolves around the compact, black, gray, and white color schemes, with a strict geometric shape, elegant simplicity, and functional furniture. Best with uncomplicated coverings and wall finishes linking clean, open, light-filled spaces.


Is defined by the juxtaposition of wood and metal, concrete or wood flooring, exposed pipes, brick walls, a neutral color palette, a blend of vintage and modern styles, often in an open layout.

California Casual

Bright, airy, fresh, clean lines, use of organic elements, and wood tones.

Relaxed Modern

Is pulled together but not fussy, livable, bright, comfortable, clean lines, embraces neutrals with pops of color, the sister of California Casual.


A decorative style unquestionably French, but much more modern and minimalist than French country decor. Parisian decor and furniture are rarely “distressed” and are often contemporary and minimal or traditional with few blemishes. Read more about what is to love about this burgeoning style here.

Transitional Modern

A mix of both traditional and modern elements. In this photo, the bed and window treatments are an updated traditional look while the bench and chair are more modern.

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