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Top 7 Design Trends for 2020

By February 11, 2020 No Comments

2020 is off to a tremendous start with a strong economy and some truly exciting interior design trends. In short, this year will gravitate toward unfussy balances of simplicity and uniqueness, warmth and boldness. And at Urbanology Designs it’s our passion to help weave these into your home and personal style. As a first-class Dallas interior design firm, we are perfectly situated to know which trends and styles are worth it. So, let’s jump in and see what’s trending in 2020!

1.A Sense of Peace and Calm:

You need an “ahhhh…” at the start and end of your crazy, busy days. Creating a space to retreat has become a top priority for many people and we couldn’t agree more. This means spaces intentionally designed to draw us into relaxing, unplugging, and connecting with our loved ones without technology. Family game nights, charcuterie with the neighbors or simply lounging in comfort will become a centering mainstay of your home.

2. Warm, white paint colors:

A simple, fun way to answer the longing for calming spaces is with paint color. The cozy look of creamier warm, white tones will replace cool grey, hued colors. Picking paint color is your initial canvas on which each room begins its new life.

Also. Plaster! it’s a truly dynamic play that brings a gorgeous, subtle movement into just about any space. It’s all about the texture, and it’s our favorite 2020 trend so we’ve already got irons in the fire. The visual but neutral design element adds loads of interest to walls, fireplaces or even a vent hood.

Painting, plaster, and textures certainly bring us into the contractor world or possibilities with your new home builder. This is where you will quickly see the value of hiring a professional interior design firm. The team at Urbanology Designs is your perfect advocate for directing contractors on exactly what is needed, when and where.

3. More live plants:

This has already been going strong, but we’re going see more growth in 2020. Olive and fern trees are taking center stage while the fiddle leaf rides strong in second place. Live plants are beautiful reflections of the budding desire people have for the authentic and real.

4. Vintage and one-of-a-kind décor pieces:

One-of-a-kind vintage treasures are all the rage and helped with the “vintage modern” design style we see rapidly growing. Everything from grandma’s hutch to that quirky oil painting you scored at the flee-market. Pairing perfectly with vintage modern are uniquely shaped mirrors and unique, even funky-style lighting fixtures. This is where some true magic of interior design can start weaving your room together in ways you never dreamed of.

For lighting, step out of your comfort zone and embrace lighting that is both interesting and bold. Unique lighting and not “safe” choices will dominate in 2020. Be on the lookout for mirror shapes divorced from the conventional circle or rectangle. As well, Art Deco mirror designs are quickly rising in demand. And why not, Art Deco is a vintage design era all about a sleek, decorative, futuristic world. In general, be on the lookout for Art Deco anything, cinema and the arts are. For example, the incredible popularity and growing awards for the movie “1917” will only add momentum to this movement.

5. Floating shelves and open shelves:

Yes, floating shelves have been on fire for a while and aren’t going away anytime soon. But a 2020 twist is the open shelf, the sister-in-law of the floating shelf. Less of a commitment for those who argue about the practicality of a floating shelf. A functional balance of needed storage and an invitation for your vintage, one-of-a-kind décor pieces.

6. Bold countertops:

All white or ones with subtle veining have taken our kitchens by storm. They add a very classic and natural elegance with a wide range of appeal. But 2020 will also see a surge of bold, earthy and exotic slabs. Don’t worry if you just installed whiter countertops, you are totally fine, as they will continue to shine for years to come.

7. Wallpaper:

We are seeing everything from simple and whimsical patterns to the bold and daring. Depending on the flow of your home, wallpaper can truly become a hero and unifying element of all these trends.

Helping you dream and design the right everything in your home’s interior is our passion and why we’re one of the most awarded DFW interior designers. Eager to see what’s possible in your home, call us today to schedule one of our walk-through consultations.

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