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The Perfect Sofa, Designed by Us

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As designers, we see it all…sofas, chairs and loveseats by the hundreds! The more styles you see, the more you start to dream about that perfect piece that feels just out of reach. 

Every project seemed to have us searching for the same thing: a sofa that was comfortable and durable, with clean lines and a modern elegance. We knew exactly what we wanted, but could never seem to find it. Finally, we decided to design it ourselves. 

We designed The Santa Clara Sofa, a piece that’s comfortable, elegant and modern – exactly the feel we hope to create in every room we touch. The Newport Loveseat is its petite counterpart, a perfect compliment without being too matchy-matchy. We were inspired by European design and the way stream-lined, simple silhouettes can still be endlessly interesting. Most of all, we wanted to marry this style with impeccable quality. 

Made for Everyday Life 

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Kisabeth Furniture to help us bring this vision to life. Kisabeth has been creating gorgeous custom furniture in Texas since 1958. They are a family owned business and absolute experts in crafting durable, heirloom-quality furnishings. These pieces are no exception. When we first toured their Fort Worth factory we were blown away by the detail in their work; some of their craftsman have worked for Kisabeth for over 30 years! We’re proud to have worked with someone local to create these pieces, but especially proud to introduce pieces made with such outstanding quality. 

Each sofa is made the right way, handmade with attention paid to every last detail. A solid wood frame guarantees a piece of furniture that can handle every day use. Eight-way hand tied construction with steel coil springs is the key to seating that never looks sat on. The cushions in each sofa feature a foam core seat, with the perfect blend of down and feather filling (trust us, it’s as incredibly comfortable as it sounds!). We wanted to create a sofa with unparalleled quality and with the expertise and craftsmanship of Kisabeth Furniture, we did. 

Beyond the construction, our pieces are upholstered in premiere performance fabric, meant to withstand the wear of everyday life. Stain-resistant and made for durability, the fabric is designed to look beautiful and new for years to come. As a mom with a million kids (okay…maybe just 5), I understand the conflict between finding a piece that’s comfortable, durable and beautiful. When I had the chance to design pieces myself, it only made sense to create something that checked all of these boxes. 

The Benefits of Buying Custom

Working in the design industry has made one thing clear (over and over again): you will never regret buying custom furniture. Because our sofas are made to order, we consider them custom pieces and perfectly customizable to any whims our clients and customers need. Depth, length, fabric and finishes are all options we offer when you purchase.

Beyond customization, there are so many benefits to buying a custom piece for your home, especially something as foundational as a sofa. First of all, who doesn’t want their space to feel unique? There’s an element of exclusivity with custom furniture; it’s bespoke and reflects your individual style sensibilities. When each piece is a statement unique to you, your home feels polished and put together from the ground up.

When you buy a piece of custom furniture, you can be assured you’re getting the full value for every dollar spent. There is such a great focus on quality in a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. It’s a display of superior craftsmanship and required care and focus simply not given to mass-produced goods. Beyond knowing you’re getting the full value of your investment, purchasing locally crafted, custom made furniture is an investment in local artisans. You’re helping to preserve a craft and livelihood passed on for generations. The artisans that build our sofas have perfected their skills over a lifetime; your sofa will stand as a testament to their talent.

Something I love to educate clients about is sustainability. In the 40 years since 1970, the amount of furniture discarded each year in the United Stated has increased by 385%, going from 2.8 million tons per year to 10.8. I shutter to think about all of the pieces that contribute to needless waste and encourage my clients to source responsibly. Our sofas are built from solid wood frames, sourced from sustainably harvested timber. Because of the emphasis on durability, they’re a piece that’s meant to last years. It’s not the kind of furniture that arrives at your doorstep in a box waiting to be assembled, it’s the kind of piece that’s made especially for you and your home. The Santa Clara Sofa or The Newport Loveseat are the kind of pieces that you will have for years and years, just like they were made to be.

The ultimate reason I recommend going custom to all my clients is that it allows you to achieve luxury and functionality simultaneously. Our previous sofa searches always led us down the same dead end: you can have comfort and durability or style and elegance, but almost never both. Creating custom furniture is our secret to achieving luxury and functionality. We created a sofa that can lend itself to a busy family, entertaining and still remain sophisticated. The more time you spend sifting through the sofas of the world, the more you’ll find this is a combination that requires something custom. Our goal was to create a piece with unparalleled design and a striking silhouette, all white achieving the ultimate functionality and comfort.

Unparalleled Design & Ultimate Functionality 

Designing these pieces was a reason to reflect on past and current clients. We thought about what everyone wants: something comfortable to pile the whole family on for movie night, but still chic enough to stand alone and make a statement. We designed our sofas to be both. They’re simple enough to suit any style and the perfect foundation to build a room around. With a few Urbanology pillows layered on, the look becomes truly bespoke and unique. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce these pieces to our Urbanology Designs Collection. They’re everything I’ve always looked for in a sofa and capture the look and feel that we believe every home should have. 

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