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Should You Paint Your Brick Home?

By April 12, 2018 4 Comments

We live in Texas – the land of mostly brick and stone homes. While we love the natural beauty of brick and stone exteriors some of the older brick homes tend to look a bit dated. The 80’s called and they want their orange, yellow and speckled brick back! Haha. So many exteriors inspiring us lately have freshly painted brick. Painting your brick exterior can be a relatively easy fix for an uninspiring home and create major curb appeal. Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of painting exterior brick and show you a few timeless exterior color inspirations that we absolutely LOVE!

There are several options to consider when painting brick. Keep in mind the current color of your roof, windows and trim when choosing your brick color. You will want to choose a color that will coordinate and highlight these features – not compete with them. Do you want to create drama with a dark and moody color, or go classic white for a modern farmhouse style? A creamy white that creates a warmer, Mediterranean feel is one of our favorite looks right now. Check out these dreamy painted brick homes!

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Painted brick homes can look beautiful, but you will want to be sure your committed to the look before taking the plunge because going back isn’t an option. In addition, painted brick usually requires more maintenance than regular brick. Dirt and mildew are often more visible on painted brick, especially if going white or light in color so you will need to power wash the house occasionally. Let’s talk about the right type of paint. Not all paint is good for your brick. We are huge fans of a mineral paint called Romabio Potassium Silicate. This paint is a substitute for traditional interior/exterior acrylic latex paint in that it allows the brick to breathe. It can be used with any color you choose and provides superior adhesion and greater durability than regular paint.

We recently used the Romabio painting technique for the exterior of a clients home. Before painting any brick you will want to test the colors on the corner of the house to see how the colors change in the sunlight and in the shade. In the below picture the top color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster, the middle color is Sherwin Williams Shoji White and the bottom color is Benjamin Moore White Dove. We chose Sherwin Williams Alabaster for this project.

Here are the before and after photos of the home.

Another client wanted a clean, pretty look with a bit of modern edge so we went with black to perfectly compliment this once forgotten mid century gem. For the exterior of their home so we chose to paint the brick a black and accent with light wood. Check out these amazing before and after photos:

As long as you’ve thought about the cons and made plans to upkeep your painted brick, it is one of the best ways to overhaul a tired home. If you want to discuss painted brick as an option for your next house project. Give us a call! We would love to help.

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