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Not Just a Coffee House, But a Home

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Since Urbanology Designs started over three years ago, we’ve always tackled residential projects. It’s been our passion to make ordinary spaces beautiful and comfortable homes for our clients. It was only a matter of time before we started to tiptoe into other areas of design and we were thrilled to take on our dream commercial project: Redefined coffee shop in Grapevine, Texas. 

Redefined is a beloved local coffee shop known for it’s cozy atmosphere and for being the best place in town to grab a cup of coffee. It was a small space that was constantly packed. When the owners found the perfect spot with more room for growth, they brought us on to bring their vision to life.  Our clients knew their brand and their audience, but trusted us to take their project in a new, exciting direction. Immediately, our design minds got to work with all sorts of exciting and creative ways to take this coffee shop to the next level. 

Considering we were taking something already known and loved and making something new out of it, we realized that we wanted elements of familiarity that felt welcoming. We had endless options to use new, modern materials but the more we developed design concepts, the more we realized it was delightfully challenging to create something new and original out of familiarity.

With this as our official concept, we got to work.

This coffee shop was no small undertaking, it was an ambitious project both in terms of detail and scale itself. At just over 4000 square feet, we found ourselves with 12 separate spaces, each requiring custom solutions to use their full potential. We looked for every opportunity to include charming details, comfortable functionality and most of all, elements that would create a memorable experience for everyone that walks through the door. Every corner was a labor of love – a love a good design, a love for our clients and their vision and of course, a love of good coffee. Here are a few of our favorite moments in the shop. 

The Coffee Bar

What we call the “Coffee Bar” is where your order and pick up your drinks. It’s the beating heart of the whole shop. Functionality was essential, but we couldn’t bear to lose the chance to make a visual statement. The front of the bar is covered in horizontally-laid white oak planks, topped with a dramatic black granite countertop. Matte and thick with a leather finish, this counter makes a subtle, but strong statement. Gleaming silver coffee equipment stays busy along the back wall of the area, with floor to ceiling black subway tile laid horizontally behind it. For those in line wanting to get a closer look at the menu, small, handheld menus on plated brass hang from the outer bar. Designing for functionality pushed us to make smarter design decisions and ultimately create something both visually stunning and perfect for a bustling team of baristas.

The Green Room

With space comes possibilities and with 4,000 square feet, we realized we had the possibility to make truly unique spaces within each corner of the shop. With no room outside for a patio area, we designed a room within the shop that can serve both as an indoor and outdoor space. We call it the Green Room. 

 We installed an operable steel and glass garage door on the outer wall. Imagine enjoying your coffee on a beautiful Spring day, comfortably seated inside with the a hint of sunshine and breeze coming through a wide open door. The space acts like a covered patio, only better. Even when closed, the glass panels still allow for a seating area that feels privy to the outside. We installed two oversized linen pendants and covered the walls in horizontal white oak planks, each one stained to create the perfect variety of cool-toned finishes. A custom bench was installed along two walls, making it spacious and comfortable for intimate meetings or group functions. Finally, custom made steel planters were hung, filled with green succulents to bring a fresh burst of liveliness the space. This room is one of our favorites.

The Nook

“The Nook” was our chance to incorporate a beloved relic of the old coffee shop and recreate it in a fresh way. In the original shop, the best seat in the house was always a corner booth, backed with a ceiling-high tufted wall in mustard yellow velvet.

We took a different approach to the same idea, creating a corner booth with a custom wooden bench and sawhorse table. A tufted leather panel was installed above the bench, balancing the femininity of a tufted wall with the leather and wood. French-pleated linen drapery panels surround the space in a subtle bisque shade, offering privacy when closed, and elegant drama when they’re open.  The weight of the panels and drapery hardware was substantial enough that the drapery rods had to be welded into place! Every detail of the nook feels intimate and balanced and the best part? It’s still the most popular seat in the house.

This project represents something remarkable for our team. Not only was it our first commercial project, but an opportunity that begged for customization and extraordinary details. It was ambitious in every sense and we worked tirelessly to pull it off.  We labored over every surface in the shop, designing knowing it would be well-loved and well-used by the community. A few weeks ago our entire team attended the grand opening. Sitting together in the Nook, with live music playing and fresh coffee passed around, we caught a glimpse at the future of this building. It was dreamed, designed and built to be a place that serves the community. As people build new memories within its walls, it’s going to become more and more of a home, not just a coffee house.

Our first commercial project was one of our favorites we’ve ever had the chance to work on. Keep scrolling for a few more images we couldn’t help but share. If you’re ever in Grapevine, be sure to stop by for a visit.

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