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A Modern Texas Kitchen

By December 9, 2018 No Comments

We like to approach design with a modern sensibility. Many spaces, especially in our world of heavy-handed, Texas-meets-Tuscany homes, can use a dose of clean lines, bright lighting and a fresh perspective. This client and her kitchen remodel project were the perfect fit. With so many of our clients and potential clients seeking to remodel their existing homes, executing a graceful and dramatic remodel is one of the things we do best. 

The kitchen is such an important space in a home, especially in an open layout that promotes the kitchen as the hub of family life and entertaining. We wholeheartedly supported our client’s decision to focus on this space, knowing the impact it would have throughout her home.  Everyone wants to gather where the action is happening and more often than not, it’s the kitchen.

Our client’s goal was simple but the undertaking was huge: reconfigure her existing kitchen to include more storage and a better layout for entertaining. She wanted to outfit her kitchen in a way that felt fresh and modern, but not too stark against the rest of her home. More than that, she wanted to take her traditional layout and make it open, giving access to the dining room and living room.  We understood her vision immediately and got to work creating the kitchen of her dreams. Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, we designed a kitchen with white oak cabinetry, matte black accents, intentional lighting and special details, all in the name of having the perfect place to entertain. The warmth of white oak was the perfect way to soften the modern lines throughout the space. Flat front, custom cabinetry was a clear departure from the traditional style she desperately wanted to avoid. Integrated appliances created a cleaner look still, highlighting the beautiful grain of the wood in large-scale portions.

One of the biggest challenges in making a space open concept is maintaining functionality. In this kitchen we knocked down two walls but were left with the challenge of not losing that storage or cabinet space. We made up for this lost space in the design of the new cabinetry and island. We utilized asymmetry as a way to balance various elements throughout the room.  A raised white oak bar sits atop a honed black granite countertop, creating a clever distinction between preparation and serving space. Exposed shelving weaves through her stove hood, creativing an unexpected asymmetrical moment, balanced with cabinetry on the opposite side.  We took advantage of the remodel to install accent lighting at every opportunity, both under shelves and inside cupboards with glass fronts. The result is a kitchen that feels bright and anything but builder grade, casting a warm glow that’s both beautiful and functional.

One of our favorite features is the “social sink” installed in the corner of the island. A stainless steel sink with easy access from two different sides is a small design detail that facilitates easy convenience, giving our client the chance to prepare dinner alongside her family and guests. If you have to do dishes, you might as well do them side by side, enjoying each other’s company. 

Our homes are the back-drop to where we live our lives. They deserve to be reflective of our families and have an immense impact on how we feel when we’re in them. Executing this remodel was a great reminder that even when things that feel dated…they have the potential to be completely remade and can feel dramatically different when well-designed. Remodels can be a nightmare, but when you bring on help to execute your vision from the start they can be a beautiful way to give something new life. We were happy to sign off on this project, thinking of all the happy meals and memories that will be made and enjoyed there.

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