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How to Layer Your Fall Table

By November 10, 2017 No Comments

It’s time to put a pot of squash soup on the stove to simmer and layer our dining room table for Thanksgiving! Little tricks from hand-written place cards to using lots of natural elements and texture can help make your holiday meal memorable and today we will share some of our favorite ideas and sources to make your table the talk of Thanksgiving.

Before we begin, I want to share a few sources. As always, Etsy is my go-to place for finding just the right pieces for a season of entertaining and these vendors I collaborated with did not disappoint! The gorgeous, hand built, black and white ceramic plates are from DotandLoop. We cannot say enough good things about these plates! Each one is hand-pained and so unique. They work oh-so-perfectly with my white dinner plates, napkins and matte black cutlery.

I like to have menu boards at my holiday table but they tend to block the view. Needless to say I was thrilled when I found these incredible clear acrylic menu signs from ProperLetter. Aislinn was so kind and worked with me on just the right quote and font for the calligraphy. We were able to custom order the size of the boards. The white paint is acrylic and is easily removed so you can continue to use the menu boards over and over. Aren’t they stunning?!

Now let’s dive in to table decorating!

First things first – BE CREATIVE and think outside the box. Try using a favorite plaid blanket as a table runner. We turned ours at an angle to change things up and showcase it more. Simple things like this will make a big visual impact on the table.

Next begin layering pieces on top of the runner. You’ll want to start with the largest items in the middle and work your way out. We gathered our all-time favorite heirloom pumpkins (a mix of beautiful blue-green, white and pale-yellow-orange colored ones) in the center and added smaller white mini-pumpkins around the base and on top of the larger pumpkins.

Remember to mix scale, pattern and texture throughout your table. We used short, stumpy pumpkins paired with taller glass bottle candle holders to mix scale. We mixed pattern with our plates and napkins but because both are the same color family it works. The smooth pumpkins and acrylic contrast with the rustic table and other wood elements.

One of our favorite tricks is to use things found in nature. We used dried magnolia leaves mixed with various sized pumpkins, greenery and acorns but there is an endless assortment of natural elements you can use. Integrate succulents with cut flowers. Or try using green garland (real or artificial) or herbs wrapped in twine (this looks especially nice tied to the dinner napkin). These elements of nature add coverage, warmth and visual interest.

Our simple white plates are paired with timeless matte black flatware and ceramic tumblers. The black and white keeps this more rustic setting looking elegant.

An inviting table needs a few surprises. Hand written place cards are a MUST!  Always write your own place cards. Even if your handwriting is less than perfect. It makes the setting more personal and your guests will feel like the spot was made just for them. We also like to place a special little something on each plate. Whether it’s a mini pumpkin on the napkin, a ramekin holding a roll wrapped in butcher paper or a bunch of rosemary wrapped in twine this will most likely be the favorite element of the table.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Happy Table Decorating!

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