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“Wow, I love what you’ve done with the place! It’s so you!”

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Interior Designing

To Capture “Wow, I Love What You’ve Done” Requires Interior Designing

It’s the ever-enduring, if not a little cliché, phrase that anyone who’s gone through interior design or remodel hopes to hear from friends at that first dinner party. It can make the process all worth while. Or can it?

Sure, it’s nice to hear some praise from others amidst the clinking of wine glasses around your shiny new marble counter-topped kitchen island or that very put together dining room, but is that really going to be the defining moment of all your efforts? 

Recently, the husband of a client of URBANOLOGY Designs summed it up in a different way.  For him, the work he and his wife had done in their home was meant to be her project, something he wasn’t going to weigh in on too much. However, now that the sawdust has settled and the final pieces are in place, he has found that the finished product actually affects him in a deeper way.  

For him, seeing the organization, the cohesiveness of the space positively impacts him every day. And why shouldn’t it? The design and feel of your home should make you feel that sense of peace and, well, at-home-ness. To an extent, we all crave that feeling, whether we realize it or not.

Scientifically speaking, the colors, organization, even the amount of light in a room can impact your mood from day to day. Concepts like color psychology can be used to help balance the atmosphere of your space and uplift your emotions, giving you all the feel-goods you want from your home!  

Functionality is another one of those key day-to-day features of a room. Space, efficiency and organization can make all the difference when you’re throwing together a weekday morning breakfast for one kid who can’t find his backpack and another who’s shoes conveniently go missing any time the words “get ready for school” are announced. In those moments, while a pretty space is nice, it’s equally important for it to work for your lifestyle.

Going back to our cliché, ideally your home should be “so you”. When we put our personality and individual stamp on a space, we claim it and make it our own. We create a reflection of ourselves that greets us at the end of a long day or opens up to a group of good friends on a Friday night.

When you find that sweet spot where function meets beauty in your space, it can serve a bigger purpose than just earning the emphatic praise of others (even though, let’s be honest, that part feels really good!). Your home can truly become that place in which you look forward to winding down in every evening or spending those rare but precious lazy mornings off. Happy Decorating!

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