Full Service Interior Design

Pressed for time? Lacking interior design ideas and vision? Leave it to us!  For an in depth interior design service where all of the work is left to us, this is a great option for you.  We offer full design services to meet all of you your needs, from inspiration to installation.

Here’s how it works:

  • Email the team
  • We will contact you to arrange a consultation
  • We will send you a proposal and service agreement for your review
  • Then we will get down to the exciting stuff and work to create digital design boards, floor plans,  elevations and renderings (where needed) to visually communicate design ideas/concepts
  • After schematic design, we will begin the procurement process
  • And finally we will install, arrange and accessorize your home
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Walk-Thru Consultation

We will meet at your project for up to 2 hours and together walk from room to room, discussing design ideas, paint colors, solutions to your decorating dilemmas and design challenges, ways to incorporate using what you have, and suggestions for any new furnishings and accessories.

This consultation is perfect for the DIYer that is looking for inspiration but wants to take the lead and finish out the project. It is especially popular for remodels.

Walk Through Consultation $650.00 (additional time can be charged by the hour, checks only please)

This service is perfect for you if:

  • Have too many options? Not sure about what color paint to use?
  • Have ideas but just need someone to confirm you are doing the right thing?
  • Just moved and cannot figure out how to make things work in your new home?
  • Just married and consolidating?
  • Kids are grown and now you don’t know what to do with the space?
  • Working with contractors or home builders that need your choices NOW?
  • Sprucing up and need ideas? Need ideas to save you money?
  • Selling your home and need suggestions for updates?
  • Want ideas or a glimpse of what we could accomplish, before committing to a project?
  • Want to go from builder-grade to beautiful!

Consultations can be performed on-site or online, virtually. 

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Interior Design Questions Answered

Feel like you can’t find the right lamp for your nightstand? Maybe the rug under your dining table isn’t working? Don’t worry, we can help!

Simply email our team with your burning question(s) and submit detailed photographs for our reference.  We will then send you a quote to help solve the things driving you batty!

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