Selling your house is a lot of work, no matter how smoothly things go…Let us take care of some of the hassle and make your life a littler easier.

Staging prepares your home to sell by making it look bigger, brighter, updated and uncluttered. Best of all, your home will appeal to the greatest amount of prospective buyers. When this is accomplished your home will sell quickly and often for more money.

We start with a consultation assessing the needs of the home. We will give you a list specific to your home, with recommendations including tips and tricks to get your home ready to sell. Everything from paint color to curb appeal. You pick and choose what you would like to do, everything on the list will be beneficial but certainty not mandatory. Once needed paint work, cleaning and decluttering has been done, we will schedule a second appointment to come in and work our magic! We will arrange furniture in a way that most compliments your space and pull from some of your existing decor to create focal points and vignettes. We will also make sure your wall hangings are hung at the proper height (trust me it makes a difference) and bring in a few of our own decor pieces to pull the final together. You may decided to stay!

Are you a do it yourself-er, but just need a little guidance and suggestions to pull off a beautiful space that feels pulled together? If so, our run and gun approach is for you! We will cover what needs to be done in the consultation, giving you a list of our tips and tricks as well as recommendations specific to your home and a plan in which you will execute!