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Our Highland Park Project

By January 24, 2019 No Comments

Last summer, an amazing project fell into our pipeline: a 1921 Tudor-style dream in the beautiful Dallas suburb of Highland Park. Even better was our client’s vision for her new home: she wanted to incorporate her contemporary tastes in a way that felt complimentary to her home’s Tudor-style features. She loves color, texture and clean lines, but didn’t want to dismiss what drew her to her home in the first place, the undeniable architectural charm.

As designers, nothing holds more potential in a space than the inherent architectural features. Where there aren’t any we look to add them and where they exist, we want to showcase them. This charming cottage-style home had a carved fireplace, soaring peaked ceilings and beautiful natural wood beams. Our design concepts started here as we looked for ways to make them feel fresh, rather than antiquated.

The first thing you see upon entering this home is the living room, by way of a small entry. Determined to not miss any opportunities for impact, we featured a piece of the client’s beloved artwork just left of the door with a matte black picture light, drawing just the right amount of attention for any visitor before landing on the living room. Comfortable and abundant seating, modern lighting and a strong dose of color in the form of a pacific blue velvet bench make her living room an inviting place. Our Urbanology Sofa is the foundational piece in the room, complete with textural layers that add contrast and depth.

The rich cognac leather used throughout the space was our way of infusing a casual vibe, contrasted against elegant, french-pleated draperies. Her fireplace got a minor face-lift in the form of a fresh coat of black paint. This architectural gem that used to blend in is now a focal point that still feels relevant to the more modern furnishings. It all makes for a stunning display of comfortable, yet elevated living.

Each space in the home feels unique from the next, but with unifying elements that tie them all together. From the living room to the dining room to the kitchen, we used careful doses of jewel-toned velvets. Varying shades of blue and green are all distinct from each other and satisfied our client’s hopes for a tastefully colorful space.

A formal dining room calls for something special. Emerald green velvet beetle chairs, abstract artwork and best of all, custom casegoods, make the dining room undeniably elegant. We designed a custom bar cabinet in white oak to house a wine fridge and storage for serving ware. A sideboard offers additional storage to keep the room looking perfectly put together in between dinner parties.

Utilizing local craftsmen to design one-of-a-kind pieces is one of our favorite ways to make a project unique to the client. Being able to capture all of their needs in an heirloom-quality piece is an invaluable feature we offer for full service design clients. As one of the main scenes upon entering the house, we couldn’t be happier with the way the dining room came together.

A long hallway dressed up with family photos, vintage-inspired runners and modern lighting bridge the front of the house to the back. A den, outfitted in a custom, performance fabric sofa is the place this young family spends most of their time. Unexpected task lighting in the form of a copper arm sconce, white oak shelving and a custom bench with leather cushions (we do live in Texas, after all!) make for a cozy and comfortable ambiance.

Finally, the master bedroom. We wanted this space to be an escape for these young parents, unfussy but still grown-up and elegant. An accent wall in navy blue suede wallpaper set the scene for something truly special. In lieu of table lamps, we installed pendants on either side of the bed (controlled by settings on the clients’ phone!). We believe in investing into aspects of the project that truly make an impact and hardwired lighting will always be one of them. A dramatic, upholstered headboard makes this bedroom feel like a boutique hotel, complimented by other special pieces like an oversized sling armchair and marble-topped dresser.

We love a chance to transform a home through beautiful, thoughtful design. There’s nothing like seeing design concepts come to life, especially when they’re designed with our client’s dreams in mind. Good design is a study in mastering juxtaposition. A room that feels balanced, fresh and livable depends on it. Our Highland Park Project is juxtaposition at its finest and a display of how to live a modern, comfortable life within storied and historic walls.

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