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Modern Kids Room that Inspires and the Coolest Rocking Horse You’ve Ever Seen!

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Fort Worth Interior Designers

The Coolest Rocking Horse You’ve Ever Seen – Fort Worth Interior Designers

Everyone loves an imaginative and awe-inspring kid’s room, am I right? Ginger’s room for her babies Asher (2) and Avery (5) is a great example of how a nursery or kids room can be simple, modern and sophisticated while still being playful and fun. Which is pretty awesome, especially when the price tag did not break the bank. Several of our clients ask for help in their kids rooms and playrooms. Our best advice? Create a non-chaotic, calming space for them. Kids love knowing where things are and where they go. Their rooms should be a sanctuary of calm and rest…not over-stimulation. It should not be overwhelming for them when Mom says, “Clean your room”. Maybe a little sad, but not overwhelming! 😉 All that to say, we could not wait to get this post written and photos up!


This room evolved over the course of a few months as Ginger decided what to keep and what to do away with. The key is to reduce clutter and keep only key pieces that you (and your kids) love. With light wood, white and function being the theme of the room Ginger kept that in mind when searching for toys, decor and furniture (more on that adorable rocking horse below). As a homeowner, does that mean starting over completely? Sometimes, but not always. Don’t be afraid to take some primer and white paint to that dark dresser or nightstand. Lighten up the walls and invest in a simple area rug to anchor the space and give you a fresh canvas to work with.


Since brother and sister were going to be sharing the room it had to be neutral. No pink going up in here. Ginger made several of the furniture pieces herself, including the platform beds and ladder. Notice how the lower bed is on casters? We call this furniture with flex. It can be easily moved while vacuuming or searching for lost treasures. And when you don’t want it mobile, the wheels can be locked. Woo to the hoo!


How adorable is this little Robot Monkey rocking horse? Yep, we said Robot Monkey. Ginger was so impressed with the craftsmanship and creativity of this little guy. She knew it would be the perfect addition for Asher and Avery’s room. Created by the uber talented Matt Monroe at Monroe Workshop in Los Angeles. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted statement pieces for your home definitely check him out!

Bedroom_07_DSC_0108Oh and we can’t forget this favorite spot. The little reading/play nook under the loft bed. It’s perfectly-sized for little bodies. Complete with a book ledge and hanging light to snuggle up and get lost in a book. A nearby soft storage bin holds more books and toys.


Sweet dreams little guy!

Shelf_02_DSC_0031_web (1)Some simple shelves display favorite collectibles and toys. Again, notice how they keep with the theme and look of the room. A vintage piggy bank, white storage containers, and classic wood toys are all sweet little details that make the space.

This room kinda makes you wish we were four again, doesn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 3.06.49 PM

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