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Before and After

Dreamy Flower Mound Office Remodel

By August 29, 2017 No Comments

Goal: A highly functional and stunningly beautiful office space for our clients home-based business.

High Function and Beauty. Striking the balance between the two is a constant game in the interior design world. This office needed to function like a well-oiled machine. But it also needed to delight the senses and not feel “officey” (I’m making up words today). We are so proud of how this project came together!

The before and after pictures are pretty remarkable don’t you think? Even with soaring ceilings the original space felt cave-like and drab. The dark paneling and floors weren’t doing this room any favors. The natural sunlight that did make its way into the room was instantly absorbed by the dark walls.

Our mission was clear. Lighter, brighter, highly functional and pretty! To give us a clean canvas to work with we painted the entire room (including trim) Benjamin Moore’s “Decorators White”. The original built-ins provided storage but didn’t meet our clients specific needs. She runs a home-based oil business and had over 800 bottles of oils that needed to be organized, stored and easily accessible. Custom cabinetry was essential. So, out with the old and in with the new! Our carpenter tailor made a full-extension, soft-close drawer system to house the oils. We purchased these amazing metal inserts to line the drawers and secure the bottles. To keep the work space clutter-free we knew we had to hide all the “officey” things (again with the made up words). Filing cabinet, printer, shredder…all neatly tucked away yet easily accessible when needed.

Our client needed a flooring solution that would stand up to kids and big dogs. We went with light wood tile planks set in a herringbone pattern. Adding a cow hide rug under the desk and a small lambskin throw in the seating area by the window completed the space. Often times animal skin rugs are seen as high maintenance. That could not be further from the truth! They are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Just sweep or shake the dirt and spot clean.

Furniture and accents in the space was kept simple and clean. The floating desk in the middle of the room offered our client two work spaces and the rolling upholstered chair offered easy access to both. This amazing artwork from minted was perfect over the mantel. The bay windows screamed for Roman shades and a comfortable sitting area. Two tuffed chairs, a side table, storage basket (for blankets) and a floor lamp were brought in to complete the look.

As for lighting we added can lights to the ceiling, three brass library style lights and a large modern fixture to give the room a focal point. At first when we suggested such a bold fixture our client was stretched a bit out of her comfort zone. But once it was installed and she saw the completed look the fixture was her favorite detail in the room.

We loved being able to offer our client the office of her dreams and hope you enjoyed reading about the process!

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