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Bring Spring Into Your Living Room

By March 24, 2020 No Comments

During these unprecedented times of Coronavirus and social distancing, it is downright difficult to brighten your day or even feel it’s ok to do so. With so much not within our control, like when our precious kids return to school, it’s a great chance to refresh and enliven your living room’s designing style for spring. And better yet, leverage the kids’ pent-up energy to help usher in the spring season with these tips!

  1. Fresh Air

Fresh air, fresh sunlight, and a fresh start, all set the stage for transitioning into the ever-vibrant spring season. Cleaning may be what first comes to mind and while this may evoke dread in some, it doesn’t have to be a big event. Simply opening the windows, separating the curtains to let in some fresh air and sunlight will have an uplifting effect on your living room (and your mood).

If you have more time, or bored kids needing some P.E., give your place a deep clean: dust, vacuum, wash, scrub, and shine  ̶ paying special attention to the areas that can get skipped over like along the baseboards and under the couch. Turn up the music and let the burgeoning fresh air and cleanliness fill your home’s atmosphere.

  1. De-clutter

While you’re wiping down those shelves and side tables, reevaluate what you have on display and decide if you have one too many tchotchkes cluttering up your surfaces. A change of seasons is a great time to step back and look at what’s working in your space. Guaranteed you will find inspiration for what can be improved, removed, or just simply moved.

  1. Plants

Clean up the air in your home for spring while infusing style into your space with a live houseplant. At Urbanology Designs we adore a good Olive Tree or the elegant Fiddle Leaf Fig.

If you’re new to caring for plants, consider the air purifying and easy to care for Heart Leaf Philodendron or Snake Plant. Place it on a sparse looking shelf, or in a neglected corner of the room that needs more attention.

  1. Update Pillows and Throws

Pack up those cold weather accents and replace them with pillows and throws in different hues and textures. Swap out heavy fabrics for lightweight ones.

This is another great opportunity to get kids involved, have them race to swap out pillows and throws or even let them pick some hues and textures they like. Here is a blog post on sofa layering to get your ideas rolling.

  1. Paint Touch-Ups

Take a look around your living room for areas that could use a paint touch-up. It’s a great time to treat the trim by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Rearrange Furniture

Easy and completely free, switching around the furniture can have a huge impact in your living room. It only requires a little muscle, and maybe a helper. Even if you don’t move the main furniture in a room, such as the couch, you can play around with side tables, the orientation of the coffee table, accent chairs and floor cushions. Before starting a top Dallas interior design firm, I staged homes for sale and clients were always amazed at the power of simply rearranging furniture had.

  1. Create New Vignettes

Select a nook in your living room that is a design moment waiting to happen. This could be anything from a space that gets great light to a surface you change seasonally like the mantel.

Take the time to revisit your bookshelves and see how you can restyle them for maximum impact. Check out these great tips from our bookshelf styling post here.

  1. Shop Your Home

Another free and fun way to freshen up your living room is to take a look at the other rooms in your home and see which pieces you can swap. This goes for furniture and prints, pillows, candles, dishes, plants, and the list goes on! Check your cabinets for interesting vases or baubles patiently waiting for their time to shine.

  1. Fresh Scent

Finally, nothing says spring like a fresh citrus scent in your home. Purchase a spring room freshener, or better yet, make your own!

Fill a pot with water, throw in lemon rind, cinnamon, mint, and thyme, then let it simmer on low. This recipe is easily customized and plays nicely with essential oil additions such as lavender or thieves. This will fill your home with a fresh citrus scent perfect for spring as well as brighten everyone’s mood.

  1. Switch-up Featured Art

Swap out featured art or display new art. For an easy way to change the mood of your living room, purchase new prints online and hang them in your existing frames. Here’s an example of a California Casual design scheme for art wall inspirations.

As your advocate for creating beautiful spaces within your home, I hope these tips add a boost of confidence to bring spring into your living room.

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