Lately, we can’t seem to get enough of two things….kids rooms and the super hip, super popular boho design style. That’s short for “bohemian” for all you design term newbies. Bohemians are a laid back bunch. The style is an easy going look that focuses on the use of unconventional arrangements to create whimsical settings that are stylish, eye-catching and somewhat offbeat. Think free and flowy fabric, natural fibers and fringe…lots of fringe. Basically, everything can have fringe on it – from pillows, to curtains to lampshades. Last week we posted about a dreamy boho baby shower that we hosted for a friend. You can read all about it here.

So here we go again with another awesome kids room reveal!  Our last room was for a boy (you can read all about it here). This time we were thrilled to surprise two sweet girls, Maddison (age 12) and Lillian (age 11)…sisters who share a room and a love for pretty spaces.

The “before” pictures? Welp! Let’s just let them speak for themselves. bohogirlsroombeforepicture  bohogirlsroombeforepicture2

From BLAH to BOHO BEAUTY…brace yourself for these “after” photos!



We faced 3 main design culprits in the space.

Dilemma #1. The darkness. It was dark ya’ll. The single ceiling fan light wasn’t doing it any favors in that department. To address this issue we took down the heavy blinds in the window and replaced it with a light and airy curtain (with fringe of course). Next we added a few can lights and the show stopping beaded chandelier (maybe our favorite piece in the whole room). Another sneaky trick that worked to brighten the space was painting the whopping 12 foot ceilings and upper 1/3 of the walls a bright white color. That amazing blush color you see on the walls? Coincidentally, is called Benjamin Moore “Blush”.

Dilemma #2.  The carpet. It was matted and all sorts of bad. It had to GO!  We ripped it up and laid 5 inch natural maple boards to give us the perfect base for our boho chic look. Add a few throw rugs and viola! Ugly matted carpet problem solved!

Dilemma #3. Storage and functionality. With two tween girls sharing the room our options for furniture were limited.  We needed every bit of real estate in the room to serve a purpose and be super cute at the same time (no pressure!). The custom bunk bed area was designed with both function and style in mind. The first step was to build a support wall to hold the beds. Next, a ladder was built in to the wall for bunk access (probably our second favorite feature of the room). Taking advantage of the tall ceilings, we positioned the top bunk extra high. This allowed us to utilize the bottom space more effectively. A platform was built to hold the bottom bunk in addition to three cubbies for storage. And last but not least, a small area under the cubbies houses a mattress that can be pulled out for sleepovers. Yes, we envision lots of fun sleepovers happening here!

Now on to more more pictures!


How cool is this little hangout spot? Maddie and Lilly are big readers. I can just picture them curled up here getting lost in a book.  And nothing says BOHO more than layers of comfy floor cushions and a canopy overhead. The beautiful ombre garland backdrop is from KM Hallburg Design. Notice the missing closet door on the left. Again, precious real estate! The door was removed to utilize more floor space for the cushions. A beautiful macramé curtain was designed to act as a “door” to the closet. Yet another fun boho element in the room.


bohogirlsroomdeskdetail  bohogirlsroomsucculentonwindow

The girls needed a homework spot that didn’t overwhelm the room. We designed a barely-there floating wall desk with a peg board system for customized shelving and storage. The blush and gold chair on wheels could not have fit more perfectly in the room. (pssst! The one-of-a-kind feather mobile floating above the desk is handmade by The Dream Barn)

bohogirlsroombirchbranchoverdresser           bohogirlsroomdresserdetail

bohogirlsroombottombunk2 bohogirlsroomflowers



Notice the bookshelf? Maddie can grab a book on her way up to bed via the built-in ladder. And we love the personalized calligraphy banner made by Jessica Shubert of Scripted Love Calligraphy hanging above the bathroom door.


bohogirlsroomsinkmirror bohogirlsroomchandelierdetail

Our job here is done! We are beyond thrilled to see Maddie and Lilly enjoying their new room.  If we could pick a visual representation of beautiful boho chic…this room would be it! This room feels like a place where you can have the freedom and courage to dream BIG! Go for it girls!

Photography: Convey Studios (

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