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Ashley Robertson Home Tour – North Dallas Chic Modern Project

By April 7, 2020 No Comments

Ultra-famous lifestyle blogger Ashley Robertson is followed by hundreds of thousands on Instagram because of her keen eye for beauty and sharing what matters most as a wife, mom, and believer. So, all of us at Urbanology Designs were thrilled when she chose to work with us out of all the top interior design firms available to her. She is an entrepreneurial, modern-day Coco Chanel, embodying impeccable style and needing a home interior to match. Both to suit her taste and function with plenty of bright, bespoke backgrounds and vignettes for lifestyle shooting. We approached the design wanting to complement her business and home size by achieving a clean, feminine look, using long-lasting performance fabrics, monochromatic spaces, Parisian elegance, with warmth from wood and leather, and accents.


The Office

We wanted to give her an engaging background for capturing moments in this space. Beautiful but not overdone.

We chose a dark accent color for contrast with the white shelving. The shelving offered storage, as well as an opportunity for minimal styling.

The rounded desk and curved plush, pink chairs add the desired femininity to this space.

A wood side table adds warmth, and the oversized floor lamp injects drama.


Dining Room

The dining room meshes multiple design styles, with modern accessories and Parisian touches on the legs of the table.

High-contrast is gained between the black dining table, statement lamp, white walls, and rug.



A bright yet balancing painting is provided by a locally commissioned artist.





Master Bedroom 

The client loves to travel, so for her master bedroom she wanted it to feel like a hotel room.

We wanted to give her a room that looked like a comfy hotel room.

The bedroom, like the rest of the home, plays with high-contrast and monochromatic themes in a bright space. We paired two off-white armchairs, with a unique black coffee table atop an oversized grey rug.


In the sleeping area, the bed’s black metal frame and white bedding with black and white accent pillows are flanked by large, black table lamps on the nightstand. At the foot of the bed, an upholstered bench adds to the hotel-like feel of the room.

We included touches of gold with the picture frames as well as the wall mirror for a splash of elegance, incorporating the client’s love of Parisian elements.



Master Bath

The master bathroom had beautiful floors and a standalone bathtub, which we styled with a stool for added warmth, and brass fixtures for a touch of style to complete a beautiful vignette.





Living Room 

In the living room, we wanted to make use of all the natural light coming through the large window.

Featured are two beautiful sofas in contrasting colors, one white, and one velvet black. Two luxurious leather chairs round out the seating area, and natural, tan stools were placed against the wall for warmth.

The shelving offers an opportunity to feature the client’s love of sculptural accents. Minimal, but interesting, the shelves are carefully curated, with room to add or edit the collection in the future.




Layering light is found with an interesting statement wall sconce next to the artwork on the wall.


The kitchen is a natural extension of the living room with its polished fixtures and light and dark cabinetry. The space features beautiful, oversized white pendant lights above the island. 

Also, around the island are custom bar stools that have both black metal and brass, a perfect mix for this space.







Simple, high-contrast, and elegant, the entry is home to an ornate gold, Parisian mirror, perfectly complemented by a bust sculpture and a long, minimal wall sconce that overlaps the mirror.








In summary, the project showcases Parisian elegance can brilliantly shine within the parameters of clean, contemporary. Albeit, streamlining was a challenge mixing metals, woods, black, white, and brasses to all match and flow. We are delighted to see the finished project with a hint of multiple styles throughout, yet without an overwhelming mix. We gave her everything she wanted with beautiful design flowing from room to room, vignette to vignette.

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