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7 Reasons Why You Need a Walk Thru Design Consult

By November 6, 2017 No Comments


Today we are diving deep into one of our most popular services. If you need one on one design advice for your home but aren’t looking to commit to a full project then our Walk-Thru Consultation is perfect for you! Read along to find out how you can leverage our knowledge and creative ability to totally transform your home.

Here are 7 reasons why you may need a Walk-Thru Consultation:

1. Have you recently moved and can’t quite figure out how to make things work in your new home?

2. Are you overwhelmed with choices and afraid you might make a mistake?

3. Not sure about what paint color to use?

4. Need to turn that kids room into a guest room?

5. Do you have great ideas but just need someone to confirm you’re doing the right thing?

6. Are you building a home or addition with a million design decisions to make?

7. Are you selling your home and need suggestions for updates and staging?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Walk-Thru is perfect for you!

Prior to the on-site walk-thru our team will get to know you and your design style. We ask that you send us photos of your home (or the project) to give us time to think through design solutions. We will also set you up with a personalized Houzz idea book and ask you to save pictures of anything that inspires you. Photos of rooms, colors, rugs, light fixtures and decor that you really love. This will help us get to know you and hone in on your design style. We will review everything and make notes for the walk-thru.

Here is what our clients have to say about their Walk-Thru Consultation and the impact it had on their project and in their home:

We are in the process of remodeling an older home and wanted to get Ginger’s advice on selections, colors etc. She came out as part of her “Walk Through Consultation” offering and did a great job getting inside our head and making recommendations. She has the ability to listen well and then apply that to the design. What makes her unique is her ability to see the whole picture and tend to the details in that context. Not only that but she can do a pretty thorough job of answering all your questions, adding things you hadn’t thought of, and all in two hours. The consult is not a replacement for a full time designer but it’s a great sanity check or second opinion for the DIYer. VERY helpful!  Mark Renfrow

Ginger was absolutely amazing! My wife and I built a new home and had no idea where to start with design and decor. Ginger came swooping in and helped us narrow down our style, gave us ideas for each room, and provided excellent examples and sources for the art, furniture, and decor that we needed. We have already started implementing everything and it’s coming together very well! We highly recommend Ginger and Urbanology Designs!!!”  -Cullen Lemley

Once on-site we will meet at your home or project site and spend 2 hours walking from room to room. We will pull from what we already know about you and your design style to discuss ideas, paint colors and solutions to your decorating dilemmas and design challenges. We will show you ways to incorporate what you already have and give suggestions for any new furnishing and accessory purchases. We will cast vision and suggest opportunities to take your home to the next level.


I hope that gives you a good idea of the value we can bring to you through our Walk-Thru service. There are 16 days until Thanksgiving and 49 days until Christmas! Take the time now to get your home looking its best. You will love it and your guests will feel comfortable and cared for. Give us a call at (972) 333-5260 or email us at

Few things in life are as daunting as decorating your home. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed. Here is a real-life example of one of our clients design dilemmas that she sent us before her Walk-Thru. It’s chock-full of great questions that we will be able to help her with.

Make our house a home and help narrow down our design choices! Overall, it is a great house with a ton of potential. My husband and I both feel it is a bit more 90’s traditional than we prefer. Our goal is to be able to incorporate our style into the house, update fixtures, and create a cohesive design plan. In addition, we want the house to be baby friendly (our daughter is 14 months) and incorporate her belongings into the design. We want the updates to be tasteful/fun and consistent with the price point in the neighborhood. 

I think our biggest dilemma is figuring out if our vision will ultimately improve the house or clash. My biggest fear that I’m taking a perfectly good house and trying to make it into something it’s not….if that makes sense. I like modern farmhouse and mid-century, my husband is more modern/industrial and our house is a traditional 90’s two-story. 

  1. We want to update the stair railing and were thinking of tearing down the current one and replacing it with a black metal/iron railing. Good or bad idea? Can you suggest an alternative? 
  2. If we change the railing can we keep our current flooring as is? Will my paint color match?
  3. We need to replace the bathroom floors upstairs (due to a leak), toilet in one of them, bathroom fixtures, and possibly tubs if the budget allows. Hoping for design advice on tile choices etc.
  4. We want to update powder bathroom and wanted to run some thoughts by you.
  5. I need help narrowing down which design I pinned for the kitchen nook will actually match. 
  6. I need advice on paint color for front door and light fixtures to enhance curb appeal
  7. I bought a rug for the living room and now wondering if it was the right decision based on the colors I like for furniture.
  8. We need advice/opinion for office furniture for my husband who works from home and for the room next to master bedroom
  9. I would like to show you pictures of what I was thinking for some other rooms to see if everything goes together.

At this stage we don’t want any major renovations that require tearing down walls. I would love if you could take our style and recommend items you feel would fit the space. You can be as ambitious as you see fit when it comes to advice, ideas etc. so long as the walls remain intact. Also if you have a better solution to some of our design dilemmas, we are all ears! 

I think we also need your expertise to help us come up with an order of operations for the updates we want to make in the bathrooms/railings/appliances. I am overwhelmed. For example, we need to replace the tile in the bathroom because of a leak, sinks, and toilets but we also need to replace 26 windows which affect those bathrooms and need to paint. Do we update the bathrooms first, then have the windows installed and then paint?? Things like that are paralyzing us in this process!

This valuable information will help us make the most of our time with our client during her walk-thru. We cannot wait to get started!

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