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12 Delightful Ways to Decorate with Live Plants

By April 11, 2020 No Comments

Plants are natural miracle workers wherever they go with their brightening, uplifting, air purifying, beautiful little leafy selves. In this post, we’ll give you 12 delightful ways to decorate with live plants. As you might already know, Urbanology Designs loves incorporating live plants in our projects! We’ve already given them prominent shout-outs this year as the #3 both in Bring Spring Into Your Living Room and Top 7 Design Trends for 2020. Side note, plants were also God’s #3 during His 6 Days To Create A New Paradise. Plants truly complement almost all design styles, color schemes, and the pots or baskets you choose creates numerous design opportunities as well. Layering plants is another way to greatly enhance a room’s design flow, think different sizes, and spread out over multiple surfaces. So let’s jump right in and start envisioning what’s possible.

  1. Plants for the Perfect “Shelfie”

– Add plants aside other decorative pieces on your shelves.
– Small potted plants are perfect for bookshelves, floating shelves, or media shelves
– In this picture, the plants fit perfectly in the kitchen next to other pieces, both functionally and decoratively.

  1. Plant Party

– Plants love to hang with their plant buddies. Don’t be afraid to group several plants together, and they will thrive.

– The staggered look of three plants placed in the corner of the room pictured above is quite appealing and makes the room appear larger by drawing your eye to the far corner.

  1. Side Tables & Nightstands

– Consider side tables and nightstands as another home for your plant children.

– They bring a vibrant yet comforting aesthetic to your side while reading or relaxing.

  1. Sprinkle Small Plants in Unexpected Places

– Use smaller plants in unexpected places like in a windowsill for a nice sprinkle of style.

– The succulents in this photo look cute perched atop a stack of books and magazines.

– They are small enough they can be moved and placed elsewhere easily whenever needed.

  1. Let Them Take Center Stage!

– Plants work exceptionally well as centerpieces, whether on a kitchen island, dining table, or even a coffee table.

  1. Floor Plants Next to Seating

– This is a classic, and for a good reason, a large potted plant beside a couch or chair is the perfect duo.

– Go an extra step and layer some smaller plants close by.

– In the bedroom, a serene, inviting retreat is created using a fiddle-leaf fig tree beside the chair and a photograph with plants. This leads to the feeling that the beautiful outdoor greenery visible from the window extends to the indoors.

  1. Don’t Forget About Branches

– Branches, such as the eucalyptus, are an inexpensive, yet lovely way to decorate with plants.

  1. Next to the Sink 

– We adore a small plant next to the sink. Here we see plants beside the kitchen and laundry room sink, but they’re also fabulous in bathrooms that get sunlight.

  1. In the Hallway

– Bonus points if you pair it with artwork!

  1. Even the Kids Room!

– Plants can be excellent in kids’ rooms too. Consider choosing easy to care for plants and staying away from highly breakable pots.

– They’re also a fun way to teach kids’ responsibility by having them take care of watering the plant.

  1. Dining Room Standalone 

– Placing plants around the edges or corners of your dining room is a perfect place to start if you’re new to decorating with plants, particularly floor plants.

  1. Nooks, Corners, or Anywhere That Needs Love

– Excellent for filling the counter corner.

– Play around with your plant placement, in other words, have fun with it!

At the end of the day, live plants are versatile yet simple. Ask any of the top interior designers, they will attest to the supernatural influence live plants deliver to any design style. Our eyes are naturally drawn to them because they represent vitality and authenticity. They’re literally a growing part of your home’s design, yet most houseplants require little maintenance. Don’t worry if browning or discoloration appears, tend to them, but remember dying leaves verify the plants are living, breathing, design-inspiring little potted friends.

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